Frequently Asked Questions

"What does U-Shuttle do exactly?"

U-Shuttle is a student-run transportation company that serves the Washington University in St. Louis community. We have two main functions... 

1. Offer affordable transportation options to individuals on campus. We provide shuttles to Lambert International Airport over major breaks, shuttles to shopping centers in St. Louis, and a Fall Break bus to Chicago. 

2. Provide smart transportation for student groups, Greek organizations, and academic departments on campus. We organize transportation for a wide range of events and trips, including but not limited to formals, community service excursions, and conferences. 

Airport Shuttle Questions

"Do i need a physical copy of my shuttle ticket?"

Nope! Once you order online through our website or pay us in person, we record all the necessary information. Just don't forget your luggage!

"WHere do the shuttles leave from?"

All of our airport shuttles leave from the South 40 Clocktower.

"How early should I arrive for my shuttle?"

Please arrive at the clocktower 10-15 minutes before the time on your ticket. Everyone wants to make it to their flight on time!

Event Transportation Questions

"What are the different types of buses i can book through u-Shuttle?"

For most events a classic yellow school bus is the most cost effective measure, but we can hire coach buses and party busses. 

"For group trips, how does pricing work?"

Every event is different. Head to the "Get A Quote" tab and we'll get an estimate back to you ASAP. 

"Does u-shuttle provide out of state transportation?"

Yes! As long as it's reachable by wheels, we'll make sure you get there. 


Other questions? Please don't hesitate to email us at!